• More and more people are visiting your application and it is getting slower and slower?
  • Do you need hyper fast database queries?
  • Do you need connection-based database? (Graph database)
  • Would you like to move your present database to a rapid system?
  • Do you need to store a lot of data on more servers but you have run out of capacity?
  • Do you need more database servers?

Don’t worry, we will help you with the programming of NoSQL and Graph database!

Why is NoSQL database better than the relational? (Like MySQL)

To briefly sum up, NoSQL is better than the relational database because the queries and inserts in the NoSQL are much faster than in a relational database (e.g. MySQL). We can supply more database operations with one server, so we can state that with the more efficient NoSQL you can save a significant amount of money every month. Moreover, another advantage of the NoSQL database is that it is easily scalable, so it can be easily extended with new servers, server groups, and as a result of this the growth of your application is certainly not going to be hindered by the database.

Who might need NoSQL database?

Actually, it is a perfect solution to every application and website if we put the foundation of the database on NoSQL right at the designing processes, by this the programming and maintenance will not be more expensive than in the case of the old, traditional relational database.

What to use the Graph database for?

Graph databases are mainly recommended to use for connection-based systems. Such systems are for instance social networking sites, chat applications, where the users are connected to one another; or movie databases, where the actors are connected to the films and vice versa. A database connection is strongly recommended in the case of such sites where something is connected to something, because one of the main features of these databases is that they are able to run searches very quickly via the connected network. If you are not sure what type of database you need, contact us and we will offer you the most appropriate one and help you with the planning of the data structure.

Mongo Chef

What kind of database connection work can we help you in?

  • Offering you the appropriate type of database
  • Designing the server requirements of the database and setting up the server
  • Designing the database data structure
  • Database programming in MongoDB and Go based on Cayley Graph database
  • Optimization of database queries
  • Database maintenance
  • Would you like to know more? Contact us on chat! We are available 24/7!

Working with the team of Golang was exactly like as if we had been expanded with an invisible but highly motivated and active development department from one day to the next. During our communication it was felt that they were 100% committed to the project and they were able to cope with the evolution of the concept and the unexpected turn of events easily along the way. It is a particularly great advantage that in the case of non-routine ideas they show a solution-focused approach that makes them ideal partners for creative agencies in the implementation of various digital projects.

Miklos Baktay Digital Producer at McCann Budapest

Why to work with us?

The work with us is easy and joyful thanks to our prepared developer experts and our kind and professional project managers. We can proudly say, which is confirmed by our clients’ opinion as well, that we are committed to the projects and we help our clients with our ideas, suggestions in order to get the best possible outcome. We are experts on server-side programming, on execution and operation of highload systems and applications, operation of Amazon Web servers and services, web related tasks and web applications. We always meet the deadlines and provide support after the handover of the project as well.

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