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Website development with Golang

For the traditional website development, the Go language is an ideal choice in the case of developing a micro site for campaigns or for highloaded websites or websites with complex search engine; besides its quickness and security, its highly important advantage is that it can run the websites with much less server capacity than PHP, for example.

If it is an important feature of a website to be able to serve a great number of users easily or to be structured in a compromise-free way, according to the customers’ unique demands, or to be able to run complex database processing processes, then Golang is definitely a good choice to create your website.

Let’s see some practical examples that who should or should not create a website with the Go language

Who is it good for?

  • Social networking sites
  • Video processing sites
  • Picture processing sites
  • Sites working with sensitive data
  • Banks
  • Sites of advertising agencies
  • Websites with great online advertising campaigns
  • Travel search websites
  • Webshops with high traffic
  • Webshops with big database
  • Ad-serving websites
  • Online game websites
  • Online gambling websites
  • International websites
  • Popular blogs

Not advisable for

  • Personal websites
  • Websites of smaller businesses
  • Blogs with low traffic
  • Websites on shared servers


Angular and Go for the admin interface

Almost every website needs to have an easy-to-use, well organised and user-friendly admin site through which every content of the website can be managed. The admin site must be secure and should avoid the constantly flashing page refreshments. Naturally the design is as important as the backend programming; after all who wants to spend the days in front of an out-of-date admin site? :) Luckily, the Angular Javascript framework system is available for us, and with the help of it we can create a breath-taking admin site in the background with the help of GO API.

Angular works on front-end surface and completely serves the user. The page switching is smooth, non-apprehensible, the animations are beautiful therefore we can operate our company’s website from a convenient interface or even with a mobile application. We can upload content, do administration activities, assign roles or withdraw them, all in all, we can do everything we want or to which needs arise.

However, Angular itself is not for supplying the server-side tasks, data processing, analysis, database connections, etc... That is why we describe Angular as a perfect complementary partner for Go server-side

What is Angular, Go support is good for?

  • Administration interface
  • Games with web interface
  • Mobile applications
  • Chat programs with web interface
  • Social sites with web interface
  • Video sites with web interface

How do we hand over the websites?

We are aware of the importance of a well-documented program, so at the end of the project, we hand over the program on a web interface with the appropriate access permission to the API documentation (in which all the API calls we programmed are included in a clear and instantly testable form) and a user’s manual. This way your project can be easily further developed, and your colleagues can quickly learn how to use the software right at the beginning.

The API documentation described above helps the mobile or web application developer programmers’ work, which leads to the reduction of programming time and cost.

Api documentation

Working with the team of Golang was exactly like as if we had been expanded with an invisible but highly motivated and active development department from one day to the next. During our communication it was felt that they were 100% committed to the project and they were able to cope with the evolution of the concept and the unexpected turn of events easily along the way. It is a particularly great advantage that in the case of non-routine ideas they show a solution-focused approach that makes them ideal partners for creative agencies in the implementation of various digital projects.

Miklos Baktay Digital Producer at McCann Budapest

Why to work with us?

The work with us is easy and joyful thanks to our prepared developer experts and our kind and professional project managers. We can proudly say, which is confirmed by our clients’ opinion as well, that we are committed to the projects and we help our clients with our ideas, suggestions in order to get the best possible outcome. We are experts on server-side programming, on execution and operation of highload systems and applications, operation of Amazon Web servers and services, web related tasks and web applications. We always meet the deadlines and provide support after the handover of the project as well.

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